How to Airbrush Pin-Ups



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How to Airbrush Pin-Ups is a collection of 7, start-to-finish airbrushing sequences spread across 144 pages and illustrated with over 600 color photos. The pin-ups are painted by experienced and well-known artists. Artists like Edward Reed, Steve Nunez, Susan Heidi, Liz Austin, Steve Leahy, Tom Nguyen and Steve Driscoll. Each chapter includes a Q&A with the artist. These interviews allow the reader to experience the artist, one-on-one. This is a chance to learn not only which airbrush they prefer, but also how they learned their skills, who inspires them, and how to mix paint to achieve a believable skin tone. The styles seen in How to Airbrush Pin-Ups run the gamut from the retro pin-up and Vargas-style work of Edward Reed, to the modern stylized pin-ups of Liz Austin. Each artist adds his or her own spin to the classic female shape, and each explains in both words and photos how to create the allure that makes pin-up art one of the most popular art forms in the world.


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